With Genuine 3D printing

Personalized earmold

Offer your hearing-aid users the PERFI’s earmold solution. We enable the production of personalized earmolds for hearing aid or HiFi music earbuds in just one hour.

No more long waits—just quick, precise service. Welcome to the future of 3D printing with unmatched speed and precision.

Dental Applications

Whether it’s crowns, dentures, nightguards, surgical guides, or clear aligners, we work hard to deliver precisely crafted dental products in record time. Equip your practice with the capability to produce high-quality dental devices on-demand, ensuring your patients receive swift, personalized care during their very first visit. With PERFI, transform your dental offerings and elevate patient satisfaction effortlessly.

Research, and more

PERFI’s TomoPrint solution targets science lovers, prototype developers, jewelry designers, and more. Our versatile SaaS brings complex designs to life with flexible actuation schemes. Whether you’re crafting intricate jewelry pieces, experimenting with scientific prototypes, or exploring new product concepts, PERFI transforms your visions into tangible realities in no time. Elevate your creative process with the power to iterate and innovate faster than ever before.

PERFI in Action

Work in progress – does not represent the final look of the product

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